"Medyk Dent" a Non-public Dental Health Care Institution

Located at 4 Sienkiewicza Street, Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland (map)
within the group of "Medyk" Private Medical Offices
Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 10.00 am - 4 pm CET
English speaking doctor Magdalena Sukiennicka +48 608-459-152

Institution is managed by dr. Wojciech Sukiennicki, who graduated from the Poznan University of Medical Sciences in 1987. We have been offering implants since 2004. Currently working with two doctors, certified implant dentists, and two assistants. The dental practice is located in Ostrow Wielkopolski, about 90 kilometers to the north of the airport in Wroclaw and 120 kilometers to the south of the airport in Poznan.

TOOTH IMPLANTS (also called tytanium in­bone implants) replace own tooth roots missing mostly because of injuries, caries and parodontosis. Screwed into a bone under proper anesthetic, they has become modern and durable form of denture reconstruction, on which it is possible to make very aesthetic porcelain crown or bridgework. High ratio of succeeded operations (over 98 per cent) makes this form of denture rehabilitation very desirable.

At our office we promote the rule: Implants at a good price and best quality for our patients! We don’t use cheap replacements, only certified implants with a long warranty. We can realize this plan by
the systems of: SGS Dental Implant System, Cortex Dental Implants, Implant Direct. These systems have international quality certificates ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and TUV.

Implantation price: € 800

During the implantation, diagnosis plays an important role. That’s why we have a new fully digital dental X­ray Panoramic Art Ajat plus C 2012, with the latest software for diagnostic imaging of bone, also with the option of 3D projection. For more information visit the Polish version of the website.

Any inquiries please send to:

English speaking dr. Magdalena Sukiennicka +48 608-459-152.

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